The machines we produce include:

FILM BLOWING MACHINE and complete lines for PE FILM (LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE stretch film, shrink, agricultural, etc.) mono- and multilayer, screw diameter  from fi 25mm to fi 125mm and film width from 300mm to 3,300mm. Our offer includes simple models as well as the more complex ones with a high degree of automation. The lines are complemented by mini-recycling equipment that ensure recurrence of the technological waste.

BLOW MOULDING MACHINES are dedicated to the production of bottles and containers from HDPE, LDPE, PP, PCV, PET-G, PA, from simple mono-layer all the way to high-barrier 3- or 4-layer, – with capacity from 2 ml (vials) to 5 liters (canisters). We offer a full range of models, from 1-head and 1-table all the way to complex multi-head, 2-stations, fully automated, fully equipped with auxiliary units. A subgroup of these machines includes the extremely popular AUTOMATIC MACHINES FOR TUBES FOR GRAVE CANDLES with practical capacity from of 400pcs/h up to 2,500pcs/h.

RECYCLING MACHINE for PE, PP, PS dedicated to the disposal of post-production waste. Recycling Machine  for PE waste  with mostly air cooling system, and recycling for PP, PS waste  with water cooling  system with capacity from 20kg/h to 400kg/h.


OTHER EQUIPMENT FOR CO-OPERATING WITH THE ABOVE MENTIONED MACHINES AND LINES, i.e. agglomerators, film winder, edge film winder,  edge film/sheet trim granulator etc.

We equip the machines we produce with auxiliary equipment  from other suppliers, i.e. feeders, dosing units, proportional valves, crusher, chiller, thermcontroller, etc.

Our machines are equipped with high-tech electronics that ensure control over the production process and top-tier quality of the finished product. We pay attention to ecology, safety, reliability and customer-friendly properties of our machines. Thus we provide our customers with both warranty and post-warranty services.